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To test numerous websites and mobile applications, we are always on a lookout for the people with a varied range of experience, age, profession, etc. and the best part is you will get paid every time you create feedback video. How awesome is that!

Let’s see how it works.

In four steps you will be ready to get paid tests, please follow these steps:



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Sample Test

Take a sample test to see how it works


Record Test Videos

Your selection will be based on specific criteria including demographic, location, and interest. Whenever you are matched you will get a paid test


Get paid in 7 days

Your payment will be transferred exactly after 7 days from submission, after we have verified the quality of the videos you submit

Do you want to see a test in action?

Check out this example video, you have to record a video of your screen with your voice comments while you are taking a using a website or a mobile app

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We already answered some questions we usually get from testers

You need a microphone, Google Chrome installed, our screen recording software, and a verified PayPal account. 
Testers are selected based on their demographics, location, and interest. you will get selected if you match the tested website or app criteria, there is no limit for how many tests you get as long as you match the criteria.
Payments are sent through PayPal, so you need a verified PayPal account in order to get paid. In some cities you will be paid using direct deposit or bank transfer.
You are one step away from becoming a tester, all you have to do is to click signup on this page.